The Gym at Woodlands has a full range of cardiovascular equipment for all your aerobic training needs, along with the latest range of Integra resistance machines (all of which are wheelchair accessible and can be used by the disabled). Whatever your goals the Woodlands has a gym for you. Our friendly and dedicated staff are on hand at regular times of the day to run inductions, helping with those first few daunting sessions or offering a one-2-one personal training session.


During your induction, you will be escorted around the gym area where you will be shown safely how to use the full range of equipment by one of our instructors.
During this time it is the instructors responsibility to ensure that all members of the group understand how to use the machines and the benefits gained from using the equipment.

For more information about how to book an induction, please click on the gym membership link at the top of this page.

Should you feel the need for any help or advice after your induction please do not hesitate to speak to one of our instructors.

One-2-One Sessions

Do you feel that you are doing the same thing every visit and would like a bit of variety, or maybe you have a specific target but are not quite sure how to get there? Then maybe a one-2-one is for you?

For £5 you could spend 30 minutes talking to an instructor where a programme can be agreed upon to help you achieve your desired goals.
In this session the instructor will discuss fitness, life style and nutritional goals and advise the best source of action for you.

Please Note:

Woodlands do not have any personal trainers on site and therefore do not run personal trainer sessions. However we are currently training staff to be able to provide this service in the very near future. Also, for this reason we unfortunatly do not run any GP referral sessions either.

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